Why is it necessary to have a personal trainer?

You’re a fitness conscious person and you’ve tried everything possible to lose weight. You watched YouTube and performed all the exercises shown there to no result. Then you joined a gym and pounded on the treadmill, spinned on the cycle, lifted weights; yet there was no profound result. You got fed up and felt that this entire fitness industry is fooling people and lost hope for losing weight and being in shape. It is here that a personal fitness trainer comes to your rescue.


They’re affordable

You may be apprehensive that hiring a trainer may cost you a bomb. Well, its not so. Nowadays you can easily afford a personal trainer and can work out at your own pace. Instead of paying a gym membership or buying diet foods, hire a personal trainer for the same cost.

The resolution to start exercising is a difficult decision to make. Once decided you need to find the right fitness trainer who can guide you to better health. It’s a myth that these trainers are expensive. Earlier only the super rich could afford a trainer. Not anymore. Nowadays they are affordable and qualified to train as per your requirements.


They’re good motivators

These trainers are good motivators and can guide you properly. Besides loosing weight the trainer also advises you on how to live a healthy living. It becomes a way of life and you start enjoying your work outs. This has an effect on your mind also.

In case you’re a procrastinator, then all the more necessary, that you hire a personal trainer. At least you’ll be forced to work out when he/ she’s around.


They know what you need

A personal trainer should be able to know your needs and advise you accordingly. He/ she should be a certified trainer and should have the latest update and knowledge in his field. If you are a touring person the trainer should tell you what work outs you can do on your trip, so that you not only save your time but also not neglect your work out. It is very important not to discontinue.

Many people restrict their exercises to spinning or walking when they are on a trip out of their home. This helps them to keep in touch with their work out as well as not waste time to visit a gym.


Makes a tailor made program

Feel comfortable with your trainer’s gender. Personal fitness trainers will help to move your program forward faster and with greater success than working without a trainer. When on your own, in your urge to loose weight you may overdo the exercises and hurt yourself. A trainer will tell you exactly what is required to be done in the limited time available to you.

Not all the programs available at the gym are suitable for you. Only a personal trainer can give you a tailor made program. Physical fitness is important to your health, feeling of well-being and your energy levels. Using a well-trained personal fitness trainer will increase your success rate and improve your level of conditioning beyond what even you thought you couldn’t achieve.


Helps you stick to schedule

Whenever you get slowed down or unable to keep up your time, a personal trainer will help you to stick to schedule. Since he/ she has to visit and train you at your place, you need to make yourself available. If your training program lasts for 5 hours per week then you need to devote that time to your exercise routine. A trainer will see to it that you do so.


Sets goals

Often you may wonder how you’re going to work out for weight reduction. A personal trainer will help you to chart out a routine so that your weight loss is gradual and not drastic. He/ she will set milestones for you and see to it that you achieve them.


Personal trainer can help you to work out with your illness and injury, if any

A good trainer will have a network of other health professionals like massage therapists, nutritionists, etc. You can always consult for your other health needs. Incase you’ve undergone a surgery or child birth, a personal trainer will know exactly how to plan a routine for you. He/ she’ll guide you and be by your side while you work out and see to it that you don’t hurt yourself. A personal fitness trainer can also advice you on nutrition intake and foods to avoid, lifestyle changes if any, etc. He’ll act like a one stop shop for all your fitness needs.

A personal trainer will make your work out session fun and creative. Instead of struggling with your work out routines hire a personal trainer and leave it to him/ her to get you into shape.

If you’re ready to give some online personal training a try, reach out, we can help! Contact Steve at forev3rfit @ gmail.com to get started.