Zero Carb Diet for Weight Loss: Is It Safe?

One of the most common answers to solve weight gain problems is lowering the number of calories in the food we eat.

Our body needs calories because they are converted to fuel our system to make us functional. However, consuming calories and the inability to burn them enough will cause weight gain, and this is not good news. And while low-carb diets continuously become famous over the years, some weight-conscious individuals become so “scared” of eating foods with calories that they end up doing the zero carb diet.

Generally, zero carbs or no-carb diet is the extreme version of the low carb diet. The person under a no-carb diet eliminates himself from consuming almost every kind of carbohydrates in his meals. It resembles the ketogenic diet wherein there is only 30 grams of carbohydrate intake must only have. Also, foods and drinks like nuts, seeds, non-starchy vegetables, and high-fat fruits are the only allowed to be consumed.

Can Zero Carb Diet can Help Lose Weight?

Zero carbs are guaranteed to help someone lose his weight. Replacing carbohydrates with protein-rich foods can help a person feel full, so, there is no need to consume more calories to satisfy hunger.

Also, very low carb diets can produce lesser weight even in just a few weeks because of the sudden drop in water weight, since every gram of carbohydrates has approximately three grams of water in the body.

With these, it can be seen that the zero carb diet can results in weight loss, but only in the short term.

Benefits of Zero Carb Diet

Besides rapidly losing weight, here are other health benefits from doing zero carb diet:

  • It promotes better heart health: Consuming a few calories helps to lower down the levels of blood triglycerides which can decrease the risk of heart-related diseases.
  • It promotes control of blood sugar: Cutting carbohydrates especially refined carbs and sugar helps to prevent the spikes in the sugar levels
  • It lowers the blood pressure
  • It reduces the belly fat: Few kinds of research proved that very low carb diets are more effective in minimizing belly fats, a fat type related to inflammation and certain diseases
  • It lowers the risk of having metabolic syndrome: Decreased carb intake prevents the symptoms of metabolic syndrome like high blood pressure

The Downside of Zero Carb Diet

Despite some of the amazing benefits of doing a zero carb diet, there are also risks especially the fact that minimal to no carbohydrates are only consumed. Here are some of the consequences of the zero carb diet:

No carb keto diet safe
  1. The tendency to miss out some nutrients

Most of the foods that contain carbohydrates also contain some of the important nutrients like vitamins, minerals and even the healthy fats that the body still needs to have. And there are no multivitamins or any supplements that can replace those nutrients once the body system fails to obtain those.

  • The absence of carbohydrates can result in poor digestive health.

The body needs at least 25 grams of fiber diet every day to aid in better digestion, and most of the fibrous foods can be found in carbohydrates-rich foods. Moreover, some types of fiber contain probiotics that act as beneficial bacteria that support immunity, mental health, and even anti-inflammations. Despite the presence of fiber supplements, it is still insufficient than from getting the fiber from whole foods.

  • It increases the risk of experiencing carb flu

Like the keto flu, carb flu happens to a person that first adapts zero carb diet in which some of the symptoms include brain fog, headaches, irritability, nausea, and soreness of the muscles. It happens because the brain (since it uses 60 percent of the consumed carbohydrates) adjusts itself in search of the new source of fuel to better functioning.

  • Social and psychological changes can also happen.

With so much pressure the society standardizes the concept of beauty, most people are affected socially and psychologically by the foods they ate. These have become another source to relieve stress, boredom, and anxiety, while others fear food especially the carbohydrate ones, because of the possibility of getting fat.

The Bottom Line

Zero carb diet, despite the promise of getting rid of excess weight faster from the other diets, this is not recommended for long-term reduction of weight or to achieve optimal health. There are still ways to reduce weight without compromising health. Plant-based diets with moderate to high sources of carbohydrates can still be consumed and it still guarantees weight loss without risking the health because it can also aid in insulin resistance, and with anti-aging capacities. 7200