Surfing… now that is something I have NEVER done! However, when a client of mine, who obviously did surf, came to me asking about the best strength and conditioning regimen she could follow, I had to hit the pause button! Now, I know basic and advanced strength and conditioning, but, I wasn’t a surfer, so I had to get to work. I began researching… and researching… and after hours chatting to various coaches who specialized in this particular training, Cris Mills has the Holy Grail! His program nailed it, totally.


With Cris’s program you’ll get:

12 Weeks of Follow-Along Workout Videos, Detailing all movements, exercises, and techniques. Just follow along.

You can train at the gym, or at home with some basic equipment. You’ll never need to train longer than 45 minutes.
  • Stretching & Pain Relief Videos to Restore Dynamic Movement
  • Surfing Specific Workout Programs
  • Dynamic Workouts tailored for surfers… forget the old school 80’s bodybuilding workouts.

Workout Templates & Picture Manuals for every workout within the Program. Easy and Quick Reference, just follow along.

These Picture Manuals are a perfect reference to make sure every workout is an effective workout.
  • 3 Different Phases of Training over the 12 weeks, Progressing from one workout to the next.
  • 2-3 Days of Training each week will deliver results.


You’ll get access to our platform that you can access from our mobile phone and watch the videos and the programs online or just download them.
  • Mobile-Friendly platform.
  • Offline-friendly material.
  • One time purchase, a lifetime access.

Online Support

Be part of our online community in which you can ask your fellows surfers and me.
  • Be a member of our huge active SurfSC online community.
  • Ask questions to members & me.
  • Extra content posted periodically.
  • Enjoy the community and synergize.

I was like OK, maybe Cris was losing his marbles giving all of this away? However, the more we talked, the more I felt his passion for the sport and to help others get better. I don’t even surf, but I was sold. I referred my client to his program and she was super excited! Problem solved!

The meat and potatoes here is, if you surf, want to surf, or want to get better at surfing, this is the answer to your prayers. Get Cri’s program Today and take your surf game to the next level. If you are having doubts, the cost is beyond affordable, you likely spend more for waxing your board.


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