Diet and Weight Loss

One of the things that people are so pressured these days is about their weight and figure. With so many standards the society and culture dictate what it’s like to have a “beautiful figure”, people are doing various diets to achieve their desired weight and figure.

Various diets like cabbage soup diet, grapefruit diet, caveman diet, and Subway diet have been created and promised to have the permanent fat and excess weight loss. These and other kinds of diet have the same perspectives:

  • Encouraging to eat “good” foods and avoiding the “bad” foods, and;
  • Changing the behavior and teaching to have the focus and discipline on the way you eat

What are the Usual Strategies to Lose Weight?


This has been one of the usual answers to weight loss. Sounds easy, but unfortunately, most people have a hard time achieving this. Here are some of the reasons:

  • Cutting down the same number of calories affect the water intake, metabolism and also the presence of lean muscles in the body.
  • The same number of calories on a certain food does not mean you can lose weight on the same number of calories to the other food.
  • Aside from satisfying the hunger, most people eat to relieve stress, or to comfort one’s self.

Besides calories, another issue in weight loss is the carbohydrates and how our body accumulates fat from it. Some low-carb advocates advise replacing carbs with protein and fat consumption but unfortunately, it only gives a negative effect on a person’s overall health. Instead, lessen the carbohydrate intake, saturated and trans-fat,  and choose to eat foods like lean meat, fish and vegetative protein sources and eat plenty of green, leafy vegetables.

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One of the ironies in dieting is that despite cutting down the fat intake, obesity still happens. Why? First, we think that all fats are “bad” fats. There are so-called “good” fats or those healthy fats that even helps a person to control his weight, also in improving the mood and manage fatigue and stress well.

Secondly, most people always mistakenly swap fats to empty calories and refined carbohydrates.


As mentioned, people do not just nowadays because of hunger. Whenever the anxiety, boredom, stress, fatigue and over emotions arrive, the best thing to do is to eat.

It is important to identify what triggers the emotional eating, and to other things aside from eating to ease those emotions.

Best Diet for Weight Loss: Is there Any?

Queries about the best way to lose weight have been one of the frequently-asked questions, especially on the Internet. Generally, some of the answers are to eat less and exercise more, cut off calories, and focus on eating low-fat meals.

With so many diets around, the reality is that there is no “size fits all” in determining what works for you. What is effective to another person is not always guaranteed that it can be effective for you. Factors like genetics, existing medical conditions, and even body metabolism can affect how a particular diet can work for you. To determine what can diet fits you, patience, focus, and commitment are all it takes.

While losing calories in the diet is one way to lose weight, the best diet is not just having the intention to lose weight, but also promoting better health. The one that not only answers the waistline’s concerns but also something that will be beneficial to all the areas of the body, from head to toe. A healthier body means a longer lifespan. These diets must be something that offers lots of healthy foods, discouraging the unhealthy and processed ones, and they will never require intensive and expensive foods in the groceries.

However, even if a certain diet fits someone but doesn’t to you should never the reason that you will get discouraged. Also, do not put yourself into so much pressure especially if a particular diet is too restrictive for you and your lifestyle.

Finally, even if there are no definite steps in cutting down your weight, the good news is that there are many steps in developing a healthier relationship with food, overcoming overeating, and reaching the ideal weight for you.   ffff